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Hosted by Terry A. Dennis RFC®, CFEd®, CFF®, our webinars are offered complimentary to our community. Stay informed about our specialty services and learn more about retirement options by registering for one of our financial webinars at today!

About Your Presenter Terry Dennis

Terry Dennis
Founder of RetirementCheck™, RFC®, CFEd®, CFF®

Best-selling author, Terry A. Dennis, has been advising retirees and pre-retirees for over 25 years. His proprietary, powerful RetirementCheck® risk mitigation system has been used to add MILLIONS of dollars to his clients' retirements. His company is also a provider of financial literacy and education for universities across the country. He now enjoys using the power of the internet to add value to clients nationwide through his nationally acclaimed webinars!

On-Demand Webinars

The Top 4 Threats To Your 401(k)/IRA - INSTANT ACCESS!

About This Webinar

  • Top 4 Threats to your 401K/IRA
  • The “3 Phases of Money” and which one you’re in NOW
  • What you MUST DO in the “Retirement Go Zone”
  • Why “Whole-istic” retirement planning is “Built to Last”

The RetirementCheck Challenge - INSTANT ACCESS!

About This Webinar

  • Learn something you've never seen before, and your broker can't show you
  •  In just 10 Minutes learn how your retirement plan might be in trouble 
  •  See our exclusive, risk mitigation process work in real time - That's Retirement Check.

Women In Retirement Webinar - INSTANT ACCESS!

About This Webinar

  • Understanding women's unique retirement needs
  • Maximizing Social Security benefits
  • The importance of healthcare  for aging women
  • And more!

Important Birthday's Webinar - INSTANT ACCESS!

About This Webinar

  • Discover important birthdays for retirement
  • Understanding the 3 phases of money
  • Identify the risks and opportunities during these phases
  • And more!

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